F J Samuely and Partners Ltd. provide a comprehensive range of structural engineering services. We undertake the structural design of buildings and associated civil engineering works. Our projects vary in scale from shopping centres to alterations to domestic houses and include offices, schools, museums, shops, swimming pools and leisure centres. We also undertake structural surveys and advise on structural problems.

Our mission is:

  • Close collaboration with Architects and other members of the design team to achieve our Clients' needs with elegance and economy.
  • We believe in working as a team with the Client, Architect, the other Consultants and the Contractor to complete a job on time and within budget.
  • Innovation, used appropriately, in pursuit of our Client's and the Architect's vision.
  • A good understanding of the construction process and building materials.
  • Close "hands on" involvement of the Directors to ensure the smooth running of all our projects.
  • A commitment to addressing the Health and Safety issues and the provision of the necessary resources in this objective.